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The ’12 days of happiness’ challenge

News 13th December 2019

At Rubica we believe in positive change, that is why for this festive season we’ve created the ’12 days of happiness’ challenge – sharing 12 ideas (one for each day in the lead up to Christmas) which you can practically apply throughout your day to either bring or spread happiness. Every idea is pragmatic – enabling you to easily inspire positive change, happier living and work! 

Share your photos and updates of putting the 12 days of happiness into practice – follow #12daysofhappiness

Day 1: Identify and celebrate 3 of your key strengths.

Take your 3 strengths and find an opportunity to put them into practice during the day.

Day 2: Set goals and make them happen.

Set yourself 1 goal for 2020 and capture how you will make it happen.

Day 3: Look for the good in those around you.

Look for 3 good things in those you don’t know well or don’t typically get on with.

Day 4: Listen to what people are saying.

Look to listen to understand, not listen to reply. Quieten your inner voice and allow other people to finish what they are saying.

Day 5: Ask others about things that have gone well.

Create a connection and ask someone what has gone well for them during their week.

Day 6: Be curious and get inspired.

Ask a question about something you know little about.

Day 7: Do something differently.

Break from the daily routine and do something differently during your day – be it big or small.

Day 8: Reconnect with 1 person you have lost touch with.

Pick up the phone and have a conversation with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Day 9: Avoid the negative self-talk.

Avoid negative self-talk and write down 3 positive things about yourself.

Day 10: Be positive but realistic.

Throughout the day be conscious of negative thoughts and statements and turn them into a positive.

Day 11: Notice positive emotions.

Throughout the day be aware of positive emotions and what triggered them so you can replicate that feeling again.

Day 12: Take in what is around you.

For 1-minute today rather than grabbing your phone, stop, notice and take in what is around you.

The #12daysofhappiness challenge has been inspired by the charity ‘Action for Happiness’. You can find out more about the charity and its work here: https://www.actionforhappiness.org/