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Effective (remote) team working toolkit

A downloadable toolkit that will give you everything you need when it comes to establishing, improving and enhancing team ways of working, no matter where your team are based.

Toolkit overview

Whilst where work gets done has radically changed in recent times, many of the frustrations and inefficiencies around how work gets done remain or have intensified given many of us no longer work from a single location.

Our team effectiveness toolkit can help. Informed by our work with high performing teams it can be used in any team working environment – be it virtual, face-to-face or a blend of the two. It shares a plethora of pragmatic tools that will either address or enhance how your team works together and what it collectively achieves.

This toolkit will help you to…

  • Best manage change
    Build understanding around how people perceive and respond to change, and ways to best manage those responses – minimising their negative impact.
  • Respond well to pressure
    Establish a robust team response to workplace pressure, so a more transparent and supportive team working environment exists.
  • Leverage team strengths
    Identify, recognise and optimise the strengths within your team so you can best meet work demands.
  • Improve prioritisation capabilities
    Enhance how you and your team prioritise and focus on work – even when priorities change.
  • Establish high performance habits
    Establish and sustain team high performance by focusing on energy renewal.
  • Create shared focus
    Encourage a team to focus their energy and efforts on issues they can collectively own, overcome or influence.
  • Get unstuck
    Collectively identify’ blockers’ that are stalling progress and establish pragmatic ways to overcome these obstacles.
  • Speed up and improve decision making
    Improve the process for how decisions are made within a team, so that work progresses in an efficient and timely way.
  • Address and overcome workplace inefficiencies
    Build understanding around the workplace inefficiencies that exist and take action to address them.

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How the toolkit works

The toolkit offers 15 tools in total, with each one offering:

  1. An introduction to each tool which will address a common symptom of team working.
  2. A step-by-step guide for using that tool with your team.
  3. ‘Supportive behaviour’ ideas that any leader or manager can adopt when applying the tool
  4. Supplementary top tips that can advance your own and your teams’ thinking when it comes to how you all work together.

PLUS on purchasing the toolkit you will gain access:

  1. To your own Rubica Academy account – where you can access and download the toolkit content time and again.
  2. A user friendly resource library where you can download individual templates for each tool – enabling you to quickly and easily use it in any team working environment.
  3. Supplementary resources and reading ideas that can further your knowledge around particular topics featured within the toolkit.

Price of the toolkit: £99+VAT

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