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virtual working

Building team resilience

A virtual workshop that’ll support you and your team to establish and remain in an ‘optimum’ working zone.

About this online workshop

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: £250+VAT per person*

This 2 ½ hour virtual workshop will support you and your team to establish robust mechanisms and ways of working – ensuring everyone remains in an ‘optimum’ zone where positive, healthy and supportive working relationships exist, stress is minimised and the very best work is delivered (regardless of location).

Focused on building team resilience this workshop will:

  • Build a supportive team working environment
  • Sustain a team’s energy, positivity and the ability to collaborate and innovate
  • Create clarity and focus amongst the team – progressing the things that matter most
  • Enable people to respond positively and quickly to shifting priorities
  • Enable the team to make decisions effectively and speedily regardless of location
  • Support the team to work at pace and still deliver the results needed in the short and medium term
*Price dependent on a minimum number of people attending

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What this online workshop will give you

  • A personalised report on how resilient your team is right now – benchmarked against Rubica’s data on high performing teams from around the world
  • A 2.5 hour online workshop facilitated by an organisational change expert – helping you to understand and address the most important aspects of your team’s resilience
  • An individual step-by-step action plan for improving your team’s resilience when working remotely
  • Post-workshop toolkit to help you practically apply your team resilience action plan

Format for the online workshop

  1. Complete your pre-workshop survey, assessing your team’s resilience.
  2. Receive your personalised report (pre-workshop) outlining your team’s overall level of resilience, where they are strongest and where there is opportunity for improvement.
  3. A 2.5 hour online workshop that will:
    • Build understanding around the 4 essential building blocks for creating a resilient team.
    • Discuss the most important and relevant aspects for your team’s resilience.
    • Define how to improve key areas of your team’s resilience – informed by your team resilience survey results.
    • Support you to build and apply a practical action plan for improving your team’s resilience.
  4. After the workshop you’ll have access to a practical toolkit to help you activate your team resilience plan.
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