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How to improve team decision making processes

Organisational & Team Performance 24th June 2020
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Rubica’s team resilience data bank shows that only 38% of team members feel the speed of decision making is right within their organisation. Yet most organisations are clear that decision making at speed is more crucial than ever before:

“…a flatter organisation that delegates decision making down to a dynamic network of teams is more effective. They are rewiring their circuits to make decisions faster, and with much less data and certainty than before. In a world where fast beats slow, companies that can institutionalise these forms of speedy and effective decentralisation will jump ahead of the competition….”

Gartner, 2020

But how do you improve and increase the speed in which decisions are made? Informed by our team resilience workshops, we’ve developed a toolkit that will enable you and your team to:

  1. Understand various decision making approaches, and select a robust approach for making decisions effectively and at pace.
  2. Effectively assign decision making responsibilities in a matrix environment.
  3. Improve individual decision making processes

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