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principle 2

Principle 2: Information to insight

When you excel in Information to Insight the account team really understands what and how opportunities will best support an account and the organisation to be successful – delivering a win for all parties and thus establishing a more meaningful and rewarding relationship.

Here are some of the most common situations that we see when ‘information to insight’ is and isn’t working well…

Situation 1

When it isn’t working well

  • Bits and pieces of information about the account exist but this mostly stems from assumptions or input from a few conversations.

When it is working well

  • A solid grasp of what matters most to an account exists across the network of account stakeholder perspectives, and this can be aligned to patient care and the patient journey.

Situation 2

When it isn’t working well

  • Insights centre around treatment pathways, brand adoption and advocacy, attitudes to treatments, and formulary positioning.

When it is working well

  • Wide-ranging sources of information are distilled to create fresh discoveries about stakeholder behaviours, network influence, beliefs or motivations that has the potential to enhance patient outcomes.

Situation 3

When it isn’t working well

  • Information tends to be very pharma-focused and doesn’t fully reflect what’s important to an account, multi-disciplinary team, carers and patients.

When it is working well

  • A solid grasp of account dynamics and the patient journey exists, including areas where patients face challenges with adherence or get stuck. This is then used to identify the specific issues and opportunities that could drive value for stakeholders, patients, the account as a whole and the healthcare system.
KAE Maturity Diagnostic

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Ideas that leaders and managers can apply to improve ‘information to insight’ in teams

  1. Provoke curiosity by challenging teams to seek and share insights from a range of sources to get beneath surface level information.
  2. Coach and support teams to feedback data and information that can be turned into both account level and national insight generation.
  3. Coach teams to incorporate insights to create valuable customer conversations. This will help deepen our understanding of their unmet need, focus on their agenda and progress decisions around potential opportunities.
Supporting resource

Accomplishing the principle of Information to Insight: Ideas to help you get there

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