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change management plan

Change management plan

Arming you with a plan that will drive change and support the fulfilment of your strategic ambition.

There is nothing wrong with change…if it is in the right direction.

- Winston Churchill

Our approach to planning change

When you know you want or need to change and have an idea of what you want to be different, but are stuck on how to actually make it happen, we can build change management plans that will help.

Our team are experts at blending the theory of change with commercial and practical reality. We’ll help form a clear outline of the strategic ambition and priorities, the roadmap that will enable it, a powerful story that gets your people involved and aligned and a robust approach for monitoring and measuring progress – all wrapped in a clear plan.

We build change management plans in different ways – through collaborative workshops, expert consultancy and bespoke change management tools (like ChangeTrak) and can integrate change planning into other programmes and work plans if needed.


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ChangeTrak overview | Programme

Planning change case studies

Delivering excellence to customers

A case study on how we helped Sanofi shift mind-sets and ways of working to a more customer-centric approach.


Adopting a customer-centric way of working

A case study on how we helped Novartis encourage teams in high-potential markets to adopt a more customer-centric way of working.

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manage change

Looking to better manage change?

Find out how we can help you to best manage change that needs to happen.