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managing change

Managing change, unpredictability, pressure in the workplace

Managing unpredictability, pressure and change

A suite of virtual short courses and tools that will enable leaders and teams to best manage change, unpredictability and pressure in the workplace.

If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm. 

Frank Lane

Equipping leaders and managers with the skills to...

…support their teams who are tired, worried, and uncertain.

…enable them and their team to deal with difficult situations as they arise.

…help their teams manage unpredictability and adapt to change as it happens.

Navigating and managing turbulent times

Right now, many leaders and managers are trying to navigate their teams through turbulent change while also sustaining team focus and motivation at a time when people are feeling tired, worried and uncertain. Whilst those in people-focused roles are working hard to support them, they cannot be everywhere, as they too are stretched to the brink.

One solution is for leaders and managers to take ownership and build the skills that’ll support them and their team both now and into the future. These skills are what will help them manage and adapt to changing circumstances; work positively in a highly volatile environment; and feel confident even when the future is uncertain.

Rubica’s suite of virtual short courses and tools will enable leaders and teams to build these skills. Distilled from our 20-years of award-winning experience in change management, team resilience and leadership coaching, they can be used in a remote, face-to-face or distributed working environment.

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