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change management course

Change management course

A change management course designed for anyone who wants help taking their people through a current or period of constant change.

About this change management course

Available either on-demand or through live facilitator-led sessions, this change management course will guide you through our step-by-step and proven approach for leading and managing a team through any time of change. On completing this course, you will be armed with the skills, knowledge and confidence to:

  • Anticipate and understand how people react to a time of change and uncertainty
  • Recognise what to provide your team with during times of change
  • Identify and manage resistance to change, anxiety and ‘paralysis’
  • Best communicate change so people understand and buy in to it
  • Form a clear plan to help navigate your team through a time of change
  • How to embed and sustain positive change over time

The result? A stablished team who are able to embrace change as and when it happens.

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