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How to build a team charter

Team charter workshop

A workshop designed to give a team focus and clarity on what they seek to achieve and how to best work together to fulfil that.

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

John F. Kennedy

Building a team charter to enable future success

This virtual workshop will support any team to collectively establish and agree:

1. A clear direction of what they will achieve together – defining the team’s purpose, vision and the value they will deliver to the wider organisation

2. Ways of working that will avoid underperformance – addressing and establishing processes associated to:

  • Accountability – what each team member ‘owns’ in order to deliver the team’s purpose, vision and value
  • Prioritisation – how to best manage competing priorities
  • Decision making – how to make robust decisions at pace
  • Resources – what is needed to support the fulfilment of the team’s purpose, vision and value

3. The approach that will be used to:

  • Track and report on the progress made in fulfilling the team’s purpose, vision and value
  • Communicate progress to date and where to focus effort next

The result? A team that is clear on what needs to be achieved and how to best work together to fulfil that, no matter where or how a team chooses to work.

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