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Team & organisation performance

Improving how your team or organisation performs – with everyone pulling in the same direction, clear on what’s working and what isn’t and making it easier to play to your strengths so you get the right things done.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

- Henry Ford

Want to improve performance?

Looking to improve the performance or your team or organisation?

Want to create clarity and help teams align around your purpose, strategy or goals?

Need better ways to measure performance so you can make better decisions and respond faster?

How we improve performance at every level

A programme for organisations or teams that introduces new ways of working (or enhances what’s already there) so that colleagues at all levels work better together and performance improves.

Focusing on the aspects of a team or organisation that need the most attention, we will guide, support and equip you with the the confidence, tools and skills to identify what needs to change for you and your colleagues to function at your best and how to turn this into practical action.

Team and organisation performance | Programme

Organisation & team performance case studies

Rubica is a trusted partner to the Celgene UK lead team; they have worked in collaboration with us on a culture change project. We would recommend their specialism and partnership to support organisational performance.

Wim Souverijns, General Manager, Celgene UK Read more

Business change in a nationwide retail network

A case study on how we helped Volkswagen Group develop and roll out a new system to improve customer service and drive business change.

Volkswagen Group UK
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The key benefit to our global team was that the Rubica process challenged our assumptions and built consensus about what we were truly trying to accomplish.  What we needed to measure to drive success then quickly became clear so that we don’t need to repeatedly revisit the same discussions.


Heather Stevens, Global Brand Director, Novartis  
improve performance

Want to boost performance?

We can help you to enhance or introduce ways of working that will improve the way your team, division or organisation to work together.