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capability development

Key account excellence capability development

A capability development programme that is proven to build stronger, effective partnerships within key accounts.

That which is currently beyond your capabilities now, does not have to be so forever.

Chris Murray

Building mind-sets and best in class capabilities

This virtual capability development programme is designed to build the mind-sets, best in class capabilities and ways of working that customer-facing teams need in order to have stronger, effective partnerships within key accounts.

Delivered remotely through a structured, carefully designed series of interventions, it provides:

  • A Key Account Excellence (KAE) framework setting out clear skill and mindset requirements. The framework provides clarity and understanding about the principles and components of Key Account Excellence based on a wealth of data and our award-winning experience and expertise.
  • Mentoring for leaders and managers – supporting them to prepare for each programme intervention and feel confident to move through the programme.
  • Tried and tested toolkits that make implementation easier – pulling theory into easy-to-access, practical application and action.
  • Regular evaluation of customer-facing teams’ confidence and capability against the KAE framework and the business outcomes being achieved in key accounts.

Results this programme delivers

For one client who embarked on this programme between March to November 2019 they saw:

  • 88% increase in capability to build a clear picture of the short win(s) and long-term opportunities in priority accounts
  • 33% increase in confidence that the account proposition is compelling enough for customers to act
  • 70% increase in confidence to get different critical customer groups to work together and align with an account goal
  • 30% increase in capability to measure progress towards target outcomes by tracking the win-win benefits over time

The Rubica team have been instrumental in providing the guidance and structure to support the transition of our organisation from a traditional sales model to one that is now truly focused on key accounts.

It is encouraging to see our sales team have been able to adapt quickly, learn new skills and build confidence though shifts in mindset.

Despite the distance and challenge with time zones the Rubica consultants were accommodating of our needs at all stages of the project.

Jacinta Lawson, Associate Business Unit Director, Celgene Australia   

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