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How KPIs can support a learning culture

Sharing 5 ways to make performance measurement nurture and build a learning culture


It’s easy to fixate on the mechanisms of performance measurement and KPIs, like the data, the dashboards, and the monitoring. And this fixation can mean we lose sight of what’s important and fail to learn and improve.

In this webinar performance measurement experts Stacey Barr and Paul Frith explore just how a good approach to performance measurement can really encourage a learning culture within an organisation. In just over an hour it explores:

  • What the relationship is between performance measurement and learning
  • 5 ways you can improve how your performance measurement approach supports a learning culture
  • How PuMP (an 8-step performance measurement methodology) is an approach that supports a learning culture
  • Options to learn PuMP and boost your organisation’s learning culture

Learn more about the PuMP performance measurement methodology