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Measuring the seemingly immeasurable in Pharma

About this webinar

To advance key strategic priorities, it’s crucial to have measures that are aligned to it. Such measures not only monitor its progress, but pinpoint necessary action(s) to move us further forward and deliver the results we seek.

Yet such priorities are often deemed seemingly ‘unquantifiable’ or ‘too complex’ to measure. As a result we don’t measure them or do it badly, which stifles progress.

In this recorded webinar we explore a way to overcome this challenge in Pharma…sharing the one skill to hone to meaningfully measure ‘hard to measure’ things so we can really make progress and deliver the outcomes we seek.

During the recording you’ll discover:

  • Two problems with how these important things are written in our strategy
  • The one skill we all need before we’ll ever be able to meaningfully measure these important things
  • A set of questions to practice, to develop this skill
  • How this skill makes measure design unbelievably easier and more meaningful

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