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recorded event

Stop measuring people webinar

Stop measuring people

How to shift the use of measures away from gaming and towards improvement.


We measure people to manage them and improve performance. But does it work?

Not really. Performance measures are too often seen (and felt) as a big stick. When people feel judged and managed by measures, they won’t ever use them to improve performance. We all know the stories about how people game the system to hit their KPI targets.

Despite this, the measurement of people’s individual performance isn’t going away. In this recorded webinar, performance measurement guru Stacey Barr, and Rubica Director Paul Frith, share a fresh way to reconfigure people’s relationship between measures and performance, which leaves the gaming behind and supports your organisation with a move toward true performance improvement.

Within this webinar you will discover:

  • Why it’s so hard to find ways to measure people that truly does improve performance.
  • How to gently start the transition away from measuring people, to measuring in a way that really does improve organisational performance.
  • The first two steps to take to reduce people’s resistance to measurement, and build their ownership of both measures and performance improvement.

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