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Free guide: Developing customer-centric capabilities in pharma

A guide arming you with key insights on where and how to develop the capabilities of pharma teams so they are more customer-focused and confidently establish more rewarding and sustainable customer relationships.

This guide shares 5 guiding principles that have been designed in collaboration with some of the world’s top pharmaceutical organisations. These 5 principles are proven – transforming pharma companies operations and how they engage with customers to deliver some incredibly powerful results, including:

  • £6 million increase in business operating income within 12-months
  • 20% sales growth within 10-months.
  • Volume growths of 47.4% and 130.1% respectively in key geographies within 6-months.
  • 62% of customers noticing a positive difference in how the pharma company interacted with them.

By downloading this guide, you’ll access:

☑ A copy of Rubica’s 5 principles of Key Account Excellence and what they mean,

☑ Insights on how to address/begin building the capabilities associated to each of the 5 principles,

☑ Ideas on how to shift mindsets, behaviours and ways of working so meaningful and sustainable customer relationships are achieved,

☑ Examples of how other pharma organisation’s have applied these 5 principles and the results they have achieved.

☑ A series of follow up tools and resources to further support you and your team in the application of the 5 principles of Key Account Excellence

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