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Guide: Developing KPIs to measure business performance meaningfully

How to end your KPI and performance measurement struggles so you can measure business performance more meaningfully and reach your targets sooner.

Research by KPI and performance measurement guru, Stacey Barr suggests that just about every organisation around the world has the same struggles when it comes to measuring business performance.

These struggles are invariably caused by bad habits that have become common practice in the development of KPIs and performance measures.

If you want more robust KPIs, to measure performance more meaningfully (with less effort), and gain more leverage to reach your targets, then this guide is for you. Informed by work with thousands of organisation’s around the world it shares:

  • The 8 KPI bad habits that almost every organisation has when it comes to measuring performance,
  • The cause and effect of these 8 KPI bad habits,
  • Practical and proven ways that will help you to overcome each of these 8 KPI bad habits in turn,
  • A proven process that is rigorous, practical and engaging and will help you develop meaningful performance measures,
  • Access to a series of follow up tools and resources to further support you in measuring business performance meaningfully.

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