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Here’s what other people are saying about the PuMP Performance Measurement Workshop…

“PuMP is the most accessible and common-sense system I have come across, which even at an early stage of implementation is demonstrating real benefits. The workshop provided by Rubica is comprehensive and led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainers, with ‘real-world’ experience. The course and the subsequent support of the trainers has given me more confidence in developing our own performance measurement strategy.”

Graeme Henderson, Business Intelligence Officer, Scottish Social Services Council

“I’d highly recommend PuMP. Most companies jump straight to trying to come up with ways to measure performance without understanding why they are doing it. PuMP takes you through a process which creates the foundations for determining how measurement should be developed and how to get the right buy-in across the organisation. I wonder how many times measurement fails because they have no basis for existing, lots in my experience, therefore use PuMP to help it land first time!”

Simon Brown, Networks Business Controller, Severn Trent Water

“PuMP delivers on its promise of being a practical, systematic and achievable method to transform a strategy into something measurable – providing the focus and evidence to improve performance. The step by step process supports the construction of a solid foundation for making measurement matter and to gain organisational buy-in. The emphasis on establishing clear evidence of improvement and making this understandable cuts through the modern obsession with flashy presentation in the performance world where style triumphs over substance.

Rubica’s delivery of the PuMP workshop is led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainers with a real passion for the subject. The workshop makes the implementation of the PuMP methodology real and doable, equipping you with tools, strategies and the confidence to implement on your home turf.”

Gordon Mitcheson-Smith, Senior Business Partner, CITB

“The workshop was led by enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive trainers, who enabled me to learn a highly practical and proven KPI methodology.  My team and I are looking forward to utilising aspects of this approach to support our strategy, demonstrate success to-date and signpost where to focus effort next in order to drive further performance improvements.”

Lisa Healey, Performance & Benefits Lead, NHS