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5 ways to build a more resilient team

Leading & managing change 24th September 2019
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Wherever and however a team chooses to work, our involvement with team and organisational performance shows that there are four key areas that enable it to function at its best (fig 1). We call these the four building blocks of team resilience.

These four attributes of team resilience provide the bedrock for effective team working and when they exist productivity and discretionary effort increases, as does a team’s collective ability to:

  1. Manage and respond to changing circumstances and periods of uncertainty;
  2. Move work forward at pace irrespective of pressure;
  3. Learn from past experiences in order to continuously improve behaviours and processes.

How can a leader or manager build their team’s resilience?

To start building your team’s resilience, we’ve developed a guide that shares 5 practical ways to start building your team’s resilience straight away.

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