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How to build team clarity and focus on top priorities

Organisational & Team Performance 01st July 2020

In a recent Rubica poll 67% of people said their No.1 team working challenge right now was getting clarity on what to prioritise.

Anchoring people back to a shared ‘vision’, your ‘purpose’ and ‘why you are focusing on this’ is a highly stabilising practice – it is the first of the four building blocks (see Fig.1) that creates an agile and resilient team.

The 4 team resilience building blocks

Informed by our team resilience workshops, we’ve put together a downloadable toolkit that shares proven ways to:

  1. Encourage stabilising practices that will create and sustain team focus even during times of change or uncertainty
  2. Build understanding on (i) ‘why you are focusing on this’ and (ii) ‘what to prioritise right now’
  3. Create collective ownership for delivering on priorities, rather than a reliance on managerial hierarchies

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