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Supporting a team to best manage work pressure & demands

A downloadable toolkit that will give you and your team everything you need when it comes to best managing and responding to work pressure and demands.

Toolkit overview

In many of today’s organisations, change, stress and setbacks are a regular occurrence. In response, we often find ourselves ‘muddling through’ – working things out as we go and hoping for the best. Whether the outcome be good, bad, or simply disaster averted, such a regular flow of pressure leaves minimal opportunity to re-group and re-energise – leaving you and your team feeling exhausted and disoriented and affecting productivity, creativity and problem-solving ability.

It doesn’t have to be this way. This practical and pragmatic toolkit will help individuals and teams to build their ability to manage and overcome the bumps in the road, whilst still delivering their very best work.

This toolkit will help you to…

  • Build understanding around how people perceive and respond to change, and ways to manage those responses to minimise any negative impact.
  • Understand the symptoms of too much pressure and how to spot them early in your team before they become debilitating.
  • Establish a robust team response to the effects of work pressure, creating a more transparent and supportive team working environment.
  • Identify, recognise and make the most of the strengths of individuals and the team so you can more easily meet work demands.

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How the toolkit works

The toolkit offers 5 tools in total, with each one offering:

  1. An introduction to each tool which will address a common symptom of workplace pressure or change.
  2. A step-by-step guide for using that tool with your team.
  3. ‘Supportive behaviour’ ideas that any leader or manager can adopt when applying the tool
  4. Supplementary top tips that can advance your own and your teams’ thinking when it comes managing pressure and work demands.

PLUS on purchasing the toolkit you will gain access:

  1. To your own Rubica Academy account – where you can access and download the toolkit content time and again.
  2. A user friendly resource library where you can download individual templates for each tool – enabling you to quickly and easily use it in any team working environment.

Price of the toolkit: £29+VAT

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