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Building a supportive team working environment

A downloadable toolkit that will build an environment where you and your team feel supported, empowered and able to do your very best work. 

Toolkit overview

Many teams have great camaraderie and get on well during coffee breaks, but this basic sociability simply isn’t enough to support one another to get work done – particularly during times of pressure or change.

A supportive team environment ensures everyone feels able to speak up and be heard; that they implicitly trust one another; and that they will collectively support each other to overcome obstacles and fulfil a shared vision.

This practical and pragmatic toolkit will help individuals and teams to build an environment where everyone feels supported, empowered and able to do their very best work.

This toolkit will help you to…

  • Establish a robust response to dissipate the effects of work pressure and build a more transparent and supportive team environment.
  • Establish and sustain team high performance by focusing on energy renewal.
  • Encourage a team to focus their energy and efforts on issues they can collectively own and overcome or influence.

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How the toolkit works

The toolkit offers 5 tools in total, with each one offering:

  1. An introduction to a tool that will establish an ideal work environment – even in times of pressure or change.
  2. A step-by-step guide for using that tool with your team.
  3. ‘Supportive behaviour’ ideas that any leader or manager can adopt when applying the tool.
  4. Supplementary top tips that can advance your own and your teams’ thinking when seeking to build an optimum work environment.

PLUS on purchasing the toolkit you will gain access:

  1. To your own Rubica Academy account – where you can access and download the toolkit content time and again.
  2. A user friendly resource library where you can download individual templates for each tool – enabling you to quickly and easily use it in any team working environment.
  3. Supplementary resources and reading ideas that can further your knowledge around particular topics featured within the toolkit.

Price of the toolkit: £29+VAT

Building a supportive work environment | Toolkit