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team resilience

Team resilience course

Equipping you with the capabilities, confidence and know-how to build your teams resilience.

About this course

This course can be delivered as a:

1. Virtual workshop

2. Self-paced e-learning course

3. In-person workshop


Our team resilience course will equip you with the knowledge of your teams current level of resilience, and how to increase this through the application of practical steps, tools and resources.

Based on the latest organisational change theory and decades of practical experience, this course is quick to bring results. Designed for anyone managing a team, it will help to create:

  1. Shared ownership: everyone is accountable, knows how they can contribute and takes an active role in moving work forward.
  2. Energy, positivity and optimism: team members feel energised about what is possible, what they are working towards and that it is achievable.
  3. Adaptability: like elastic, the team flexes and responds to pressure but keeps its form and function.
  4. Focus: the effort of the team is aligned and committed to making progress on what everyone agrees are the most important things.
  5. Collaboration: the team plays to strengths and balances effort evenly to minimise stress on any single individual.

The results? Improved and sustained productivity, innovation and growth through discretionary effort and higher levels of team satisfaction, morale and retention.

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What you'll gain from this course

Our organisational change practitioners will guide you through this course using a mixture of diagnostics, teaching sessions, tool kits and practical tips – equipping you with the ability to understand team resilience, assess it within your team and address the gaps that exist.

Whether delivered virtually or face-to-face, this course will:

  1. Build your understanding on what team resilience is and the 4 fundamental building blocks (Fig.1) that it is comprised of.
  2. Diagnose your teams current level of resilience – measuring it across the 4 resilience building blocks (Fig.1), and highlighting where your team is strongest and where there is opportunity for improvement.
  3. Analyse your diagnostic results – outlining what the data means and where you should place your focus in order to boost your teams resilience.
  4. Informed by your own team resilience diagnostic results, explore how to best sustain or improve area through the application of proven methods and advice from our organisational change practitioners.

What’s included within the course

  • Resilience diagnostic – measuring your teams resilience and how it compares to our benchmark on high performing teams
  • Analysis report of your resilience diagnostic results – pinpointing your strengths and possible gaps/areas to address
  • Guidance and action plan on how to address the results from your resilience diagnostic and report. This can be delivered either:
    • Virtually – using our self-paced e-learning platform
    • Face to face – via a facilitated workshop, delivered by an organisational change practitioner
  • A downloadable toolkit for managers and leaders that will support the ongoing journey in building team resilience
  • 6-month ‘pulse check’ that assesses your teams current level of resilience and compares it to your initial diagnostic report
Building blocks of team resilience | Course

Team resilience course profile

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The impact of the resilience project has been dramatic on myself, my leadership team and their teams.