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customer engagement

Guide: Top tips for establishing customer engagement measures

Ultimately measures drive behaviour. So, when seeking ‘optimal’ customer engagement, the measures must be there to encourage the right behaviours associated to it.

Rubica’s Customer Engagement (CE) diagnostic’ reinforces this – our data shows a strong positive correlation between the levels of maturity for ‘How we measure success’ (A) and the ‘Common Behaviours’ (B) associated to customer engagement i.e. when levels of maturity were high for (A), they tended to for (B) and vice versa.

But the reality for most Life Science organisations is a conflict of interest in what and how they measure customer engagement i.e. KPIs typically focus on growth targets so this is where attention naturally falls versus measures associated to engagement.

This downloadable guide offers ideas on how to overcome this tension and develop KPIs that truly support a customer engagement journey by sharing:

  1. The common pitfalls and objections faced when designing and engaging people with measures
  2. An 8-step process for designing meaningful performance measures
  3. A step by step guide on how to build buy-in for new measures using a Measures Gallery
  4. A real-life example of putting the theory of a Measures Gallery into action

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