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Pharma's capability conundrum

How do you equip your customer facing teams for the needs of today’s healthcare systems?

About this whitepaper

Pharma companies face an urgent challenge. How do they respond to a constantly evolving landscape in which traditional ways of operating are no longer fit for purpose?

Today, there is a need for pharma to transition from the role of ‘provider’ to that of a ‘partner’ – working collaboratively with key stakeholders to meet their needs and optimise patient care.

However, creating these quality partnerships is a complex process, which demands a higher level of understanding and capability, not generally demonstrated by sales, medical, market access, or marketing teams.

How can these capabilities be established?

This white paper shares how you could equip your customer facing teams with the capabilities needed to thrive within today’s healthcare systems.

What key learnings does this white paper offer?

  • Explains the rationale for change and why a new model is needed for how pharma companies connect with stakeholders.
  • Explores current solutions to closing the capability gap and why these are not working.
  • Provides an understanding of some of the capabilities required for effective engagement of stakeholders, which meet the needs of a changing healthcare landscape.
  • Describes the fundamental changes needed to allow pharma to add true value and become a trusted stakeholder in the delivery of the most effective treatments for patients.
  • Outlines a 4-step process to identify and build the capabilities necessary to drive change and create tangible improvements in performance.
  • Offers practical tools and ideas to support you with activating the 4-step process with colleagues who engage with a range of stakeholders.

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