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mindsets & behaviours

Guide: How to change mindsets & behaviours in a team

The fulfilment of a new strategy is reliant on individuals thinking and acting in a way that’ll enable it.

From a strategy focused on being more omnichannel, to integrating the way commercial and medical work together, a strategy’s fulfilment is reliant on people thinking and acting in a way that is different to the status quo.

Such a change won’t happen through top-down directives, training, or communication plans. This degree of change lies deep below the waterline. It requires hearts and minds to be won. Only then will people think and act not only differently, but with belief, conviction and confidence – enabling strategic success.

Drawing from our expertise in mindset and behaviour change, this guide shares:

  1. 6 ‘myths’ around how leaders often seek to change mindsets and behaviours and why these approaches are often ineffective,
  2. How to reframe these 6 ‘myths’ – sharing what is crucial to consider when seeking such a change,
  3. Practical ideas to help start embedding new/shift existing mindsets and behaviours in any team.

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