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health system partnering

Partnership working in healthcare

Strategically partnering with healthcare systems: A toolkit for where to begin

A toolkit designed to help build capabilities that forge pharmaceutical partnerships with senior decision makers across healthcare systems and deliver population level impact at scale.

About this toolkit

HCS’s are now seeking to integrate hospitals, community and mental health services, along with health and social care to provide a more joined-up system that:

  • Improves outcomes in population health and healthcare.
  • Tackles inequalities in outcomes, experience and access.
  • Enhances productivity and value for money.
  • Helps to support broader social and economic development.

However, the success of HCS’s is dependent on their ability to lead the changes that are needed to deliver a joined-up healthcare system and system level benefits. HCS’s cannot lead these changes alone – they are seeking to forge pharma partnerships to help drive it.

For Pharma companies that gain the capability to help drive this change, they stand to establish meaningful, sustainable and fruitful long-term relationships with HCS’s – this therefore heralds a significant opportunity: to help them manage system level changes at a senior level.

This toolkit will help you to to do just that.

What this toolkit provides

Strategically partnering with HCS’s requires a different mindset and suite of capabilities. This toolkit shares ideas on what these capabilities are and where to begin with building them .

This toolkit is informed by Rubica’s Health System Partnering programme. Within the toolkit you will find an approach that is clear, consistent, practical and visible to all in the organisation – building collective accountability to:

  1. Uncover the strategic stakeholders and agencies within a healthcare system
  2. Evolve the traditional stakeholder map to establish an understanding of connections and influence that flow between and across the network
  3. Build an understanding of individual and professional motivations – enabling individuals and teams to have gate-opening and meaningful conversations with senior stakeholders
  4. Start making contact with senior, strategic stakeholders to result in meaningful meetings

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