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customer empathy

Customer empathy

Establish an approach that’ll give you greater clarity on your customer and in turn establish preferential relationships and more opportunities to deliver shared value.

If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from his angle as well as your own.

Henry Ford

Working empathetically with your customers

Looking to better understand your customers in an ever shifting landscape?

Want to translate a wealth of customer information into real, actionable insights?

Seeking a way to attract the attention of key decision making customers?

About this programme

Attracting the attention of key decision-making customers is extremely challenging, especially as decision-making increasingly involves a network of interacting individuals.

Understanding this shifting landscape and those involved in it gives an organisation a distinct advantage, a better chance of finding ways to be relevant, awaken interest, and build valuable relationships.

It’s a complex situation. The volume of potentially relevant information from an array of sources can be overwhelming. Knowledge of customers is too often superficial unless strong, long-term relationships are already established. Where good customer-facing information exists, it can be difficult to translate into real insights that can usefully inform national or regional strategies.

What this programme focuses on

Rubica’s programme helps organisations reboot their thinking about collecting and managing data. Rather than starting from systems, platforms, or methods, it works with customer-facing teams to break out of data silos and focus on understanding the customer. Providing clarity on what data to prioritise, it demonstrates how to generate insights that support decision-making. And it develops the capabilities, mindsets, and behaviours that make the process ‘live’.

Results this programme delivers

As a result, organisations gain a deeper understanding of their most important customers. And this helps in establishing preferential relationships and more opportunities to deliver shared value.

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