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managing competing priorities

managing competing priorities

Managing and adapting to shifting priorities workshop

A workshop that will arm a team with the ability to best manage and adapt to shifting and competing priorities. 

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

Michael Altshuler

Managing competing and shifting priorities

Delivered virtually, this workshop will arm a team with the skills and know-how to best manage priorities when they change or compete. Using a mix of teaching sessions, practical tips, models, and downloadable toolkits, that can be used in either a virtual, face-to-face or blended environment, this workshop will:

  • Stabilise a team and minimise uncertainty and anxiety when priorities change or compete.
  • Build team clarity, focus and commitment for the things that matter right now.
  • Empower and enable a team to cut a long-list of priorities down to a short-list.
  • Motivate a team to take responsibility for changing priorities.
  • Support individuals to manage competing priorities and share ways to coach others to do the same.

The result? A stabilised team who are clear on what to prioritise and why, but who are also able to adapt with ease when priorities shift or compete.

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