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account plans

Common account planning pitfalls - what they are and what to do about them

Account plans. They should help us understand and cater to the specific needs of key accounts. They should help build stronger relationships with HCPs. They should align resources and facilitate cross-functional working. But how often do we experience account plans…

  • Simply being viewed as a ‘tick box’ exercise that fail to deliver real value;
  • Focusing simply on busyness activity e.g. who am I going to see and how often should I see them?;
  • Focused only on the brand/what we want to achieve;
  • Being built independently not collectively with the account team;
  • Failing to build conviction within a cross-functional team so everyone is working towards a common goal;
  • Lacking valuable insights/information because its held in ‘people’s heads’.

If these ideas strike a chord, it might suggest that your teams account plans have scope to evolve and deliver so much more. This downloadable resource shares:

  • Key areas teams often fall down on when it comes to account planning.
  • What problems this causes, including. the mindsets and behaviours it establishes/reinforces that hinder team performance.
  • Ways to overcome these obstacles at a leader, manager and team level.
  • Proven ways to reinvent your teams approach to account plans and deliver significant results for your organisation, customers and patients.

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