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Webinar: Fixing strategy with proper measurement

About the presenter: Stacey Barr

Stacey is a specialist in strategic performance measurement and evidence-based leadership.

Her purpose is to help leaders get tangibly clear about the results they intend to achieve in their organisation, to know how to recognise if and how well they are achieving those results.

Stacey specialises in using practical performance measurement as the catalyst for creating a high-performance culture that achieves measurable success.

Leaders struggle with doing this well, mostly because of some bad habits that have become common practice. With PuMP®, Stacey helps people replace these bad habits with an easy, fast and engaging approach to measuring measuring and leading organisational performance.

About the presenter: Paul Frith

Paul is a PuMP partner and performance measurement specialist who has worked both internally and as a consultant to deliver change programmes and support the fulfilment of organisational goals and ambitions – based on a foundation of advanced analytics.

Paul is a Partner at Rubica. He leads on all of our performance measurement work – integrating it into our organisational change programmes so it ultimately improves performance.

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