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Fixing strategy with proper measurement

Strategy design, alignment and execution is fundamentally broken, but integrating proper performance measurement can fix it – this recorded webinar shares how.

About this webcast

Strategy is fundamentally broken in too many organisations and businesses. Goals are vague. Activity is the focus, not outcomes. It lacks ruthless prioritisation. It was formulated as a check-box activity, not from deep analysis and dialogue about what really does matter. And then we try to find meaningful KPIs, and wonder why it’s so hard…

In this webinar, performance measurement experts Stacey Barr and Paul Frith, examine exactly where we need to integrate proper performance measurement steps into our strategy processes, to fix them.

In this recording you’ll discover:

  • The “unknown unknown” about your strategy approach that will reveal itself when you integrate measurement.
  • Exactly where to integrate performance measurement steps into strategy design, alignment, and execution.
  • Which steps of PuMP (a performance measurement methodology) should integrate with, and support, your strategy processes.
  • Answers to your questions about integrating performance measurement with strategy.

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