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How measurement motivates

About this webinar

Whilst people feel their performance and rewards are judged by measures, it can too easily lead to gaming and dysfunctional behaviour, just to hit their KPI targets.

There is a better way to use measurement, so it generates pride, initiative, ownership and learning – ingredients that true performance improvement thrives on.

In this recording with PuMP founder Stacey Barr, and UK & Europe PuMP Partner Paul Frith, a fresh way of thinking about the relationship between measures and people’s performance is shared – one that leaves the gaming behind, and moves your organisation’s culture toward true and lasting performance improvement.

In just over an hour, this recording explores:

  • Why it’s so hard to find ways to measure people that truly does motivate and improve performance.
  • How to gently start the transition away from measuring people, to measuring in a way that really does improve organisational performance.
  • The first two steps to take that reduce people’s resistance to measurement, and build their ownership of both measures and performance improvement.

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