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recorded event

Measurement’s unique impact on strategy execution

Discover how a proper approach to performance measurement can have a profound impact on strategy execution success. 


Strategy execution is something every organisation has to do, to stay relevant in the world. To thrive. To make the difference it exists to make. But most of us have struggled to get strategy fully and successfully implemented, or executed, in our organisations.

In this recorded webinar PuMP founder Stacey Barr and PuMP Partner, Paul Frith, will demonstrate how a proper approach to performance measurement can have a profound impact on the success of your strategy execution, during the recording they will share:

  • The four things that are missing from strategy execution that good measurement uniquely provides.
  • A few of the techniques to use to make strategy easier to understand, easier to cascade and more results-focused.
  • What the PuMP approach to performance measurement is, and how you can learn it now.

Performance measurement has an essential and non-negotiable part to play in the achievement of strategy. It’s the only objective way to track the achievement of goals over time, and to tell us how well our strategies are working and when to take course-correcting action. Strategy execution cannot succeed without it!

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