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Anticipating, recognising and managing responses to change and uncertainty

Organisational & Team Performance 18th June 2020
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“The only thing that is constant is change.”


Research suggests that 62% of us don’t like to leave our comfort zone, or only like to do so occasionally*. Yet, when it comes to change it requires us to do just that – leave our comfort zone and shift from the ‘known’ to the ‘unknown’.

When it comes to organisations, managing change is crucial. If left unaddressed or mismanaged, it not only results in people resisting the change but disengagement and tension levels rising – significantly reducing the likelihood of that change succeeding.

By being able to identify what each person believes they are losing as a result of a change, leaders and managers are able to address people’s concerns directly and help them to transition through change in a way that is engaging, safe and supportive and which enables them to maintain their performance and the overall productivity of the team.

Taken from our leading through change course, we’ve developed a video and accompanying toolkit (below) that will help you manage change and effectively lead your team through it. The video and downloadable toolkit:

  1. Explains why people react to change in different ways
  2. Shares ways to identify individual motivational drivers for change and to recognise how different aspects of change might impact each person’s drivers.
  3. Outlines what leaders and managers can do to minimise the effect and/or disruption of a change and instead encourage people to embrace it.
  4. Provides a framework to motivate team members to change.  

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