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Key Account Excellence fundamentals

Getting to the nub of the strategic changes needed to build sustainable relationships with the right customers – creating maximum value for them and for your organisation.

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

- Simon Sinek

Want to achieve excellence in key accounts?

Seeking to establish best practice in how your key accounts are managed?

Want to forge long-term customer relationships by delivering real value?

Seeking to establish an in-depth understanding and aligned agenda with the customer? 

About this programme

As the customer landscape changes, traditional approaches to managing key accounts are no longer fit for purpose. In order to deliver real value, organisations need to form long-term customer relationships, based on empathy, in-depth understanding, and an aligned agenda.

But, there are obstacles to overcome. Habitual practices and ingrained mindsets are predicated on pushing key sales messages, teams often remain locked in siloes, and there’s still too much focus on key opinion leaders rather than the wider network of critical stakeholders.

What this programme focuses on

Rubica’s tried and tested programme empowers organisations to become truly customer-centric. The approach is pragmatic, working with leaders, managers, and employees, and building on existing pockets of excellence to encourage and support small changes with potentially big impacts.

More than simple upskilling or training, the programme is a deeper journey that enables organisations to identify and prioritise key accounts, then engage with their challenges in delivering the best care across the patient journey. By defining shared goals and constantly reviewing the means to achieve them, they can build customer partnerships that are meaningful and mutually rewarding.

Results this programme delivers

Participants in the programme have significantly increased business operating income, boosted sales,  improved access to key accounts, and received consistently positive feedback from customers.

To find out more about our Key Account Excellence (KAE) fundamentals programme, contact us by clicking the link below.

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It’s very rare to find an organisation that combines Key Account Management expertise with organisational change and performance measurement. Rubica fulfils all those areas.

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What clients say about our programmes

I have no doubt that when I look at how we are currently managing initiatives internally and managing our customer relationships then we are in a far better place as a result of the support that we’ve been given by Rubica.


Want to achieve excellence in key accounts?

We can help build the confidence, capabilities, mind-sets and behaviours required to achieve excellence in your most critical accounts.