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account planning

Account planning

6-week account planning excellence capability accelerator

This 6-week virtual programme will help keep teams engaged and motivated, while getting them set up brilliantly for the time when they can see customers again.

With account managers, reps and MSLs unable to get out and see customers and dreading the prospect of weeks of home-based admin, we’ve applied 20 years of Key Account Excellence expertise to create Virtual Account Planning Excellence.

This 6-week capability accelerator will help keep teams engaged and motivated, while getting them set up brilliantly for the time when they can see customers again, by providing:

  • A clear and shared standard of excellence for account planning
  • Well-constructed and differentiated account plans based on your own segmentation
  • Structured processes and user-friendly, practical tools that can be integrated with existing systems
  • Support teams in applying insights and critical thinking to their account plans

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What this 6-week virtual programme offers

  • A series of live training sessions, with plenty of time for questions
  • Regular facilitated coaching groups and ‘tough topic’ clinics
  • Hands-on mentoring from experts in account planning to shape the plans and build skills in critical thinking
  • Support for managers to ensure they are a ‘step ahead’ and able to coach and lead their teams
  • Online self-evaluation options to pinpoint strengths and development areas and see the progress being made
  • A digital toolkit of useful resources including workbooks and templates
Account planning | Programme

Results this programme achieves

Virtual capability programmes can deliver rapid impact. In a recent award-winning programme that ran to November 2019 there was:

  • 88% increase in capability to build a clear picture of the short win(s) and long-term opportunities in priority accounts
  • 33% increase in confidence that the account proposition is compelling enough for customers to act
  • 70% increase in confidence to get different critical customer groups to work together and align with an account goal
  • 30% increase in capability to measure progress towards target outcomes by tracking the win-win benefits over time
6-week capability accelerator | Programme

We noticed a plateau in sales with the competition making an impact due to a new offering.

With some information gathered about the account we were able to form a plan for that account, pulling on a cross-functional team to remove the blocks we’d identified and make changes for that specific regional account.  As a result of implementing the account plan, the sales curve changed, we returned to growth, increased F2F access with key customers and for the first time ever, this account allowed a visiting KOL to speak at a departmental meeting, something no other pharma company has achieved.

Business Unit Director, Global Pharmaceuticals Company  

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