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Using ‘nudges’ to create psychological safety at work

Culture & mindset development 20th April 2023
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Nudges are one way to encourage a change in mindset and behaviour, and here (through the video below) we explore how to use the power of nudges to help create psychological safety at work.

Safe spaces at work are of critical importance for an organisation to flourish, and they enable people to feel like they can bring their whole selves to work and feel valued. It also helps us have difficult conversations without fear of judgement. This is all important start if you want to have a healthy organisational culture.

So how can you start creating psychological safety within your team? Well, we’ve developed a 5-minute video that will explore how – all through using the power of nudges. Within this video you will:

  • Discover what nudges are and how leaders can use them to encourage a shift in mindset and behaviours within their team
  • Hear about real world example of how organisations are using nudges to encourage psychological safety at work
  • Access a nudge that you can use straight away to help build psychological safety within your team
  • Gain the opportunity to access a series of nudges and additional supportive resources to help you build psychological safety within your team on a weekly basis

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