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leading change

Leading change

A robust framework for leading change, combined with a curriculum that effectively builds the capability of leaders.


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

Leo Tolstoy

Effectively leading change

Looking to build capabilities to better manage change?

Seeking a way that consistently and robustly manages change?

Want to better respond and adapt to change when it arises?

About this programme

In today’s world, constant change within organisations is the norm. It may be transformational, or an ongoing process of continuous improvement. Whatever form change takes, leaders need to be equipped to manage its impact, building their organisation’s adaptivity, responsiveness, and resilience.

In many cases there’s an urgent need to develop leaders’ capability. In others there’s a desire to create or formalise a consistent approach to change management.

What this programme focuses on

Rubica’s programme offers a framework for leading change and adaptability, combined with a curriculum that effectively builds the capability of leaders.

The framework is structured around four key principles, underpinned by recognised best practice and informed by Rubica’s experience across a range of sectors.

The curriculum builds confidence, competence, and conviction. It comprises workshops which address real-life situations, practical tools and resources to embed what’s been learnt, mentoring from specialists, and peer mentoring to improve critical thinking and share insights.

Results this programme delivers

The benefits are clear. As managers increase their understanding of the psychological impact of change, they are able to engage people in the process, improving employee satisfaction, wellbeing, and retention. The pace at which changes are adopted is accelerated, leading to a faster return on investment and the embedding of long-term outcomes.

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