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culture change

Culture change consultants

Culture change

Our culture change consultancy work helps organisations understand their current culture, define what might need to change and then make it a reality.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

- Peter Drucker

Are you facing a cultural challenge?

Looking to improve performance by enhancing your culture?

Want your culture to better support the delivery of your strategy?

Want to understand and define your culture?

Whatever the challenge, we can help.

Guiding you towards your ideal culture

Our culture change consultancy work will guide your organisation towards your ideal culture in an accessible and manageable way that involves everyone.

We will help you understand the beliefs and assumptions that drive your organisation’s current culture – investigating what makes it tick, what’s helpful and what may need to change in order to realise the organisation’s strategy, improve performance and enhance job satisfaction for the people who work with you.

Armed with this insight, we’ll work with you to form a clear view of the culture you want to create, pegged to your strategic aims and purpose, and prioritise where to focus effort to amplify what’s working and minimise what’s not. And we’ll provide practical support to make tangible changes happen that shift you towards the culture you want.

Culture change case studies

Changing a culture for future success

A case study on how we helped Blue Chip Technology create a more positive workplace culture that better supported their new strategic direction.

Blue Chip Technology

Delivering excellence to customers

A case study on how we helped Sanofi shift mind-sets and ways of working to a more customer-centric approach.


Creating a culture to support a community

A case study where we helped Silva Homes to enhance its existing culture to enable a new strategic plan.

Silva Homes

Gaining a competitive advantage through culture

A case study on how we helped Gumtree deliver a change in culture that would help them gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

All case studies

What clients say about our culture programmes

These guys are experts in taking the culture challenge, thinking about how to break that down into pieces and coming up with a model for you to deliver across the organisation.


Could your culture use a kick-start?

Find out how we can help you create the culture you want.