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organisational design

Organisational design

Creating a structure so a team achieves more.

If you want to change attitudes, start with a change in behaviour.

- Katharine Hepburn

Providing a structure for strategic success

Organisational design consulting sees us working with leaders and teams at two levels. First we use well evidenced methodologies such as the Nine Tests of Organisational Design to provide a co-created optimal, structural design. Then, our organisational design consultants will help to build alignment behind those structural choices.

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Culture change case studies

Changing a culture for future success

A case study on how we helped Blue Chip Technology create a more positive workplace culture that better supported their new strategic direction.

Blue Chip Technology

Rubica’s culture change work is fantastic. It blends the framework for asking the right questions with an empirical rigour, but also offers practical tools. Going through Rubica’s various steps and taking that journey has been vital. We couldn’t have done that by ourselves.

Rob Smyth, Executive Director of People, Digital & Change Read more

Delivering excellence to customers

A case study on how we helped Sanofi shift mind-sets and ways of working to a more customer-centric approach.


Enabling a high performing culture

A case study on how we helped Celgene sustain and strengthen its high-performing culture through a bespoke culture change programme.

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What clients say about our culture programmes

These guys are experts in taking the culture challenge, thinking about how to break that down into pieces and coming up with a model for you to deliver across the organisation.


Could your culture use a kick-start?

Find out how we can help you create the culture you want.