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culture change

culture change consultancy

Culture & mindset development

Our culture change consultancy work helps organisations understand their current culture, define what might need to change and then make it a reality.

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

- Peter Drucker

Are you facing a cultural challenge?

Looking to improve performance by enhancing your culture?

Want your culture to better support the delivery of your strategy?

Want to understand and define your culture?

Whatever the challenge, we can help.

About this programme

When organisations face high levels of change, evolving expectations, and global challenges, adapting systems and processes is not always enough. A fundamental change of culture is required.

Transforming a culture to become, say, more adaptable, innovative, or customer-centric means addressing underlying beliefs as well as the wider ecosystem. And making and embedding change at that level is never straightforward.

What this programme focuses on

Rubica’s culture change consultancy work identifies current cultural norms helping or hindering an organisation and reveals where it can make the most impactful difference. Focused on that, we work collaboratively on targeted interventions at a team, organisational, and individual level. We anchor these in behavioural science to be clear, motivating, and rewarding.

Three principles inform the programme:

  1. The creation of a safe space for people to share what’s really happening and explore challenges.
  2. Shared ownership. We involve a diverse group across the organisation, creating champions to advocate for, and drive, change.
  3. Building basic experimentation capability, giving the organisation confidence to test, learn, and measure the impact of any changes.

Results this programme delivers

The organisation gains an understanding of their current belief system and a tangible plan to change it, with a clear line of sight from defining the required outcome to the necessary interventions.

To find out more about our work in culture & mindset development, get in touch.

Culture change case studies

Changing a culture for future success

A case study on how we helped Blue Chip Technology create a more positive workplace culture that better supported their new strategic direction.

Blue Chip Technology

Delivering excellence to customers

A case study on how we helped Sanofi shift mind-sets and ways of working to a more customer-centric approach.


Creating a culture to support a community

A case study where we helped Silva Homes to enhance its existing culture to enable a new strategic plan.

Silva Homes

Gaining a competitive advantage through culture

A case study on how we helped Gumtree deliver a change in culture that would help them gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

All case studies

The Rubica team were very open and up front, and constantly offered advice. They were extremely supportive, without directing or controlling us. They made it clear that effecting real change is not a one-hit wonder – it takes time and investment in people and resources.

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Could your culture use a kick-start?

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