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culture survey & diagnostic

Company culture survey & diagnostic

Better understand your current culture and identify what could help or hinder your progression.

Always question the why, don’t be satisfied with only knowing the how.

- Catherine Pulsifier

Better understand your culture

Rubica’s company culture survey and diagnostic uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative data gathering techniques to help you understand your current culture.

Rooted in appreciative inquiry, this programme offers the opportunity to identify underlying beliefs and assumptions that currently enable performance, employee engagement and belonging, and those that detract from it. We’ll supply you with a robust, insightful report that summarises your current culture; and the beliefs and behaviours that are most important to address, enhance or protect in order to create the culture you need to deliver your goals and purpose as an organisation.

Company culture survey | Programme

Culture change case studies

Rubica supported us in a critical culture change project that was fundamental to our business’ progression. Guiding us through their robust and interactive Culture Change Canvas, Rubica built understanding around our beliefs and behaviours and how they were positively and negatively influencing our culture.

Rubica’s approach was collaborative, went across functions and offered a series of digestible ‘building blocks’ that supported us in shifting our culture to an increasingly positive space that was built on our cultural strengths.

We’d recommend Rubica to any company who needs to make a change or build a positive culture.

Dan Sherwen, Head of Organisational Quality and Improvement, Blue Chip Technology Read more

Creating a culture to support a community

A case study where we helped Silva Homes to enhance its existing culture to enable a new strategic plan.

Silva Homes

Enabling a high performing culture

A case study on how we helped Celgene sustain and strengthen its high-performing culture through a bespoke culture change programme.


Delivering excellence to customers

A case study on how we helped Sanofi shift mind-sets and ways of working to a more customer-centric approach.

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What clients say about our culture programmes

These guys are experts in taking the culture challenge, thinking about how to break that down into pieces and coming up with a model for you to deliver across the organisation.


Could your culture use a kick-start?

Find out how we can help you create the culture you want.