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performance measurement

PuMP Performance Measurement Tools

Impact measurement & evaluation

Developing mechanisms that demonstrate and evaluate progress and success. 

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

- Peter Drucker

Demonstrate the impact your having

Want to gain clarity on whether your approach is having a positive effect?

How can you clearly demonstrate success for something that is seemingly immeasurable?

Want to use data to make informed decisions about what to do next?

About this programme

Any organisation that embarks on a programme of significant change naturally wants some means of measuring and evaluating its progress and success.

What this programme focuses on

Rubica’s programme offers a framework for measurement, benchmarking, and evaluation that enables organisations to understand whether their interventions are really ‘shifting the needle’ closer to wherever they want to be. Is, for instance, their culture becoming more innovative? Are commercial relationships increasingly predicated on customer needs? Is behavioural change happening or a new strategic direction underway?

As part of a Rubica change initiative or to provide assessment for an independent project, this programme can make strategic objectives that may seem overwhelmingly ambitious or frustratingly vague feel tangible and achievable.

The programme makes use of a proven performance measurement methodology (PuMP) to establish and define a set of meaningful and quantifiable measures that demonstrate if, and to what extent, value is being delivered.

Results this programme delivers

Apart from ensuring a consistent approach to measuring and reporting on performance, the programme also builds key skills such as the ability to interpret signals from measures and where best to focus effort to make progress. It also makes it possible, through evidence-based insights to understand what is and isn’t working, and to determine any changes or refinements needed to deliver the intended benefits.

To find out more about our work in impact, measurement and evaluation contact us by clicking the link below.

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Team & organisation performance case studies

Business change in a nationwide retail network

A case study on how we helped Volkswagen Group develop and roll out a new system to improve customer service and drive business change.

Volkswagen Group UK

“By revisiting our KPIs, the data and how we are reporting, we have enabled business change. Customer mobility has significantly improved, retailers are driving more value and we’re achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

These results have come about because we’ve invested the time to show people the right measures and the results the business change is achieving. So our people trust the data and find the insights actionable.
The business change we sought to make is now snowballing.”

Mark Say, Head of CRM & Customer Data, Volkswagen Group UK Read more
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improve performance

Want to boost performance?

We can help you to enhance or introduce ways of working that will improve the way your team, division or organisation to work together.