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Rubica’s Festive Top 10

News 11th December 2019
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This festive season we are sharing our top ideas for positive change in 2021. Each idea is inspired by our #ChangeWithCoffee series – a series where every Friday we post a 10-minute video on an inspiring thought that could help you (and those around you) to overcome a common obstacle, achieve more or see something from a totally new perspective (perfect to watch with a mid-morning coffee).

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At No.10, edging into the chart…

How to connect with people who are different than you
by Abigail Spanberger

Is it possible, in these divisive times, to converse with someone you share few similarities with? In this optimistic and practical talk, US Representative Abigail Spanberger describes how running for office compelled her to interact with people from all walks of life and ask questions that could help transcend differences and foster collaboration.

In at No.9, create that connection…

How to ask for help — and get a “yes”
by Heidi Grant

Asking for help is tough. But to get through life, you have to do it all the time. So how do you get comfortable asking? In this actionable talk, social psychologist Heidi Grant shares four simple rules for asking for help and getting it — while making the process more rewarding for your helper, too.

Take a step back with No.8…

The best plan wins
by Marcus Buckingham

The deep belief of companies and organizations is that the best plan wins. If we can just think of all the variables at play, perfectly circumscribe each department and team leader’s role within it, we will bring order to the chaos of the world. The problem, of course, is that the best plan doesn’t win.

At No.7 it’s not about having the answers…

3 ways to measure your adaptability – and how to improve it
by Natalie Fratto

When venture investor Natalie Fratto is determining which start-up founder to support, she doesn’t just look for intelligence or charisma; she looks for adaptability. In this insightful talk, Fratto shares three ways to measure your “adaptability quotient” — and shows why your ability to respond to change really matters.

It’s all in the delivery at No.6…

The secret to giving great feedback
by LeeAnn Renninger

Humans have been coming up with ways to give constructive criticism for centuries, but somehow we’re still pretty terrible at it. Cognitive psychologist LeeAnn Renninger shares a scientifically proven method for giving effective feedback.

Going in at No.5…

Humour at work
by Andrew Tarvin

In this talk Andrew Tarvin talks about how he brought humour to the workplace while he worked at Procter & Gamble. After being complimented by co-workers on how humour helped them enjoy their work, Andrew decided to start becoming a humour engineer–using humour to help people become more efficient and effective in the workplace.

At No.4 it’s all about the audience...

How miscommunication happens (and how to avoid it)
by Katherine Hampsten

Have you ever talked with a friend about a problem, only to realize that he just doesn’t seem to grasp why the issue is so important to you? Have you ever presented an idea to a group, and it’s met with utter confusion? What’s going on here? Katherine Hampsten describes why miscommunication occurs so frequently, and how we can minimize frustration while expressing ourselves better.

Into the top 3 and at No.3...

How to make hard choices
by Ruth Chang

Here’s a talk that could literally change your life. Which career should I pursue? Should I break up — or get married?! Where should I live? Big decisions like these can be agonizingly difficult. But that’s because we think about them the wrong way, says philosopher Ruth Chang. She offers a powerful new framework for shaping who we truly are.

Just missing the top spot at No.2…

The human skills we need in an unpredictable world
by Margaret Heffernan

The more we rely on technology to make us efficient, the fewer skills we have to confront the unexpected, says writer and entrepreneur Margaret Heffernan. She shares why we need less tech and more messy human skills — imagination, humility, bravery — to solve problems in business, government and life in an unpredictable age.

And hitting the festive top spot at No.1…

The military case for sharing knowledge
by General Stanely McChrystal

When General Stanley McChrystal started fighting al Qaeda in 2003, information and secrets were the lifeblood of his operations. But as the unconventional battle waged on, he began to think that the culture of keeping important information classified was misguided and actually counterproductive. In a short but powerful talk McChrystal makes the case for actively sharing knowledge.

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